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This website is the official home for UnorthodoxGaming and will act so for the foreseeable future. By visiting this site you are automatically bound to our Terms & Conditions, if you do not agree with these in anyway you are not permitted to stay nor visit again in the future. Here at CopexGames/UnorthodoxGaming we strive to please the community and provide an excellent standard in entertainment. If you are not satisfied with anything on offer, we would love to hear your feedback whether it be via a ticket submission or forum topic and we will do our very best to accommodate for your disappointment.

We have been around since 2009, although not allways online, development was still taking place. However this time we are back for good and we have never been more ready!

Seeing most servers that once used 562 bases have shut down, we are determined to prove our greatness and bring back the glory of the 562 base. Our game is more stable than ever, performing flawlessly with never before seen content and features. All players of CopexGames/UnorthodoxGaming enjoy their stay and often say how great we really are and how much they love the content and community. While content being a high priority for us, the happiness of the community is equally as important and is always at the heart of our decisions.

  • 24/7 uptime.
  • Only server with x100 Hits.
  • 1 click combat (PVP/PVM).
  • 1 click pickup.
  • Double XP weekends.
  • Fun quests.
  • Over 20 shops.
  • Perfectly formulated combat.
  • Flawless PKing.
  • Balanced combat triangle.
  • Amazing bosses with custom effects and strategies.
  • A world boss with a 1 hour spawn time, which gives you a chance to gain rare loot.
  • Slayer system with great rewards.
  • Fully automated vote system.
  • Donation system with instant claims.
  • 25 working skills with custom techniques.
  • A Stable economy.
  • Many mini-games to enjoy.
  • Fast money making methods.
  • Multiple currency systems.
  • Custom and extremely unique content.
  • Fantastic choice of Armour & Weapons: Torva, Virtus, Pernix, Primal, Vesta, Statius, Zurils, Morigans, Dragon, Bandos, Armadyl, Rare lent Weapons, Korasi, Vine Whip, Zaryte bow, Dragon Claws, Godswords and a full range of Chaotic and Primal weapons.
  • An Amazing Community.
  • Both normal prayers and ancient curses.
  • Lots of custom events and ways to receive items.
  • Dedicated staff members that care for their players.
  • Great selection of items available in shops.
  • Lots of donator benefits.
  • Ancient curses work in both PVP and PVM combat, and have unique effects against bosses.
  • And lots more... Don't miss out, join today!